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Delawave will continue to develop newmedical devices and deliver them to the world,and contributing to healthcarewith​ of technology.

It all started when I was studying electronic engineering at a graduate school.

While conversing with a good friend who was studying medicine, I learned that there are many injuries and diseases that are not well understood or cured in the medical world.  I am an engineer, so I can't save the patients in front of me like in a way a doctor can, but I realized I can by providing the world with new technology for medical treatment.

So, I knocked on the door of a laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a leading institute conducting pioneering research on medical devices, and entered the world of research and development of medical devices with optical technology​.

At MIT, I saw how medical professionals, engineers, academia, and industry tightly worked together to create new medical devices.​

The reason why I founded Delawave is because I want to develop new medical devices and deliver them to the world​.
I used to work for a large company developing new medical devices.  However, through my experience working in Silicon Valley, I learned that many innovative medical devices are born from startups, and large companies take them and distribute them around the world.  This led me to co-found Delawave, and here we are today.

We value integrity​ and will continue to take on challenges, despite difficulties, to develop and provide medical devices that are useful to patients and healthcare professionals.  I appreciate your continuous support for Delawave​.​

Kenji Taira, Representative Director, Delawave, Inc.​


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